5 Career Lessons to Learn from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an epic show, we all know it. Some might say you could have spent the two weeks it took you to binge-watch it on something more productive but let me give you a few reasons to justify that time. If, for some bizarre reason, you haven’t gotten into it, I suggest you get on that right now. Hint: you might just want to study it on exchange in Canada or the US.

1. Set goals and march onwards

Whether it’s putting Joffrey on the throne, even if he is a complete and utter asshole, or keeping her secrets hidden, Cersei is always absolutely determined and ready to fight with everything she’s got. She always knows what she wants and she schemes her way to getting it. Now I’m not suggesting you throw little boys out of windows but it’s helpful to have goals, even short-term ones, to fill you with the determination you need to succeed.

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2. Make alliances

Trustworthy alliances don’t come easy and sometimes you have to leave a freezing wall and join some wildlings and a giant to ensure you aren’t run over by White Walkers. Use your alliances wisely and make sure that you connect with people on LinkedIn and invite them out for a coffee-and-chill career sesh. Think about what you can offer them as well as what they can offer you. An alliance works both ways.

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3. Back up your talk

Varys’ spy network makes him valuable and an attractive investment to all the rulers of Westeros. He shows them what he can do by orchestrating many of the goings on in court including saving the ass of a certain vertically-challenged Lannister. You can bluff your résumé and apply for every job but it’s actually important to have the knowledge and skills for that job. Make sure you’re going that extra mile with volunteering and reading up on the industry. Knowledge is power after all.

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4. Defeat is just a minor complication

Jon Snow has faced MAJOR complications and come out unscathed, ready to face what life throws him next. Don’t let a loss keep you down, chin up, move on and try again. If Arya Stark can go through the Red Wedding and end up as a total badass, you can be successful too. Let that loss be your motivation. Winter is coming and there are dozens of career and life opportunities waiting for you.

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5. Make every moment count

Though your life may not be a continuous life-or-death race for the throne, it’s important that you still take a moment to appreciate where you are and don’t let it go to waste. Don’t be “no-one” and simply keep your head down to potentially assassinate some bad guys or finish a degree. Make sure you’re happy where you are in terms of your degree and major.  Maybe it’s time to reconsider and spend the time you have now on travelling and something you truly enjoy.

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By Afsah Haque


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