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APRS may stand for Advertising and Public Relations Society however, that does not mean we are dedicated only to PR and Advertising students. The vision for this society is to bring together ALL students of UNSW who are interested in the field of public relations and advertising and expose them to opportunities within the industry where they can take their acquired practical skills to any workplace.

As I have been a member of APRS since my first year of university in 2015, I have had the privilege of witnessing its growth in members, events and popularity. From being a first year student and telling my friends that I was a member of “APRS” and seeing confused faces, to new students telling me this year that they recognise APRS and have attended a few events. As the President of APRS in 2017, I want to continue the growth of the society and see it reach to more students at UNSW.

One of our aims is to maximise the potential of our members. We do this by organising opportunities that develop their presentation skills, problem-solving skills and project management experience. We strongly encourage our members to participate in the annual pitch competition to practice those skills and provide workshops to assist them throughout the competition.

I am proud at the calibre of our member base as I have seen first- hand the vigour and ambition of our members, which shines through in the quality of their pitches. Whether it is from public speaking or applying theoretical concepts to real life cases, the practical skills that are gained from competing in our pitch competitions are designed to equip our members with transferable skills for all workplaces.

We also recognise that building a strong professional network is important during a student’s time at university. So through social and academic events, we aim to connect students to the broader member base as well as industry professionals. We understand that sometimes it’s not about what you know, but WHO you know, so these networking opportunities are regarded as a valuable and enriching experience for students to reach their career goals.    

In the competent hands of my trusty team, I am more than excited to see what holds for the future of APRS!

Ivy Ng

APRS President


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